In this tutorial I will show you a rather simple work around how to make your Site Icon to always point back to the Site Collection root. In other words, how to use the Site Icon as a home button in a SharePoint 2013 collection, consisting of several sub sites.

IMPORTANT! Take a copy of the Masterpage.html file before you make any changes. Don’t make changes directly in the original Masterpage file.

1.     Open the Masterpage file (html) in SharePoint Designer 2013 or any other developer tool.
2. Find the section below:

3.     Replace  SharePoint:SPSimpleSiteLink  and /SharePoint:SPSimpleSiteLink
        with        SharePoint:SPLinkButton          and /SharePoint:SPLinkButton
4      Add        NavigateUrl=”~sitecollection/”   to the code
5.     Your code will look something like this:

6. Save the Masterpage file, and publish the new version in your Masterpage folder.
7. And you are DONE!