Office 2013 is around the corner and as we have recently written a blog post about the new BI features of Excel. ( in swedish).

A lot of information is handled within Excel, spreedsheats can get more and more advanced and they grow into what Microsoft likes to call EUCs – End User Computing applications.

This brings some considerations into the organisation such as; How do we make sure the forumlas in the sheets isnt alterted by our end users? How can we trust the information in the Excel files? These questions turn into arguments often  used by other vendors in order to show that Excel isnt the reliable end user tool to use.

With Office 2013 and Sharepoint Microsoft takes aim at reducing the risk of using spreadsheets as EUCs by adding five new features to Excel, Web Excel and Sharepoint:

· Audit and Control Management Server
· Discovery and Risk Assessment
· Spreadsheet Inquire
· Spreadsheet Compare
· Database Compare

To learn more about what this is, read this blog post:

Im looking forward to learning more about these tools to see how they can enhance the sense of Excel as a reliable end user tool.

Have a nice weekend!