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About Attollo

We are specialist consultants that can help you make better decisions. Since 2007 we have delivered expert services within four main areas: Business Intelligence & Data Warehouse, Planning & Consolidation, Financial & Regulatory reporting and Advanced Analytics & Machine Learning. We help our customers to become more data driven and gain deeper knowledge about their business.


Welcome to Attollo

Attollo was founded in 2007 and has since then grown rapidly. We take pride in the fact that our consultants have an average of more than 10 years industry experience. Most of our clients are long term customers and some have been with us from the start. Maintaining long relationships with our clients is of great importance to us.

We have more than 80 passionate and highly specialized consultants working with over 100 customers and have been doing so for the last 15 years!

Our services

Business Intelligence & Data Warehouse

In order to make informed decisions, most companies and organisations need a great deal of analysis and reporting. There have always been tools to improve these processes, but during the last 10 years there has been a a tremendous improvement of the capabilities in the tools available on the market. Simplicity for the end users, attractive visualisations and greatly enhanced performance are some of the key factors of improvement within the last years. We have for a long period of time delivered efficient data warehouse solutions as well as highly usable reporting and analysis solutions to ensure our client’s operational benefit.

Attollo has chosen to work with the tools and platforms that are the technological leaders in this area. We continually strive to be the best implementors of these tools and our partnership level is of the highest ranking with both of our software partners. Attollo can support your organisation with high technical competence in the development process and show the best way of implementing our solutions in various industries. Combining our deep technical knowledge with our long-term experience provides a great business benefit for the decision-makers within the organisation.


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Financial planning & consolidation

Financial planning and analysis and particularly budget and forecast are a central and important task for most organisations.

With a well-managed planning process, it is possible to steer the organisation in the right direction and also identify parts which are in need of improvement and potentially discover new business-opportunities.

Attollo also delivers solutions for group consolidation as well as for IFRS 16.


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Financial & regulatory reporting

The demand for financial and regulatory reporting has dramatically increased over the last few years. For many banks, insurance companies and financial institutions this comes as no surprise, however, the demand for regulatory reporting is increasing in both scale and complexity. Manual processes for these highly demanding tasks are in many cases unsustainable.

This has led many companies to search for flexible and cost-efficient solutions. Solutions, which to a higher degree can automate the reporting process.

Attollo has successfully assisted many clients with the digitalization of their financial and regulatory reporting processes. This includes tools for corporate level consolidation, data warehouses and tools for the final reporting process, so called disclosure management.


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Advanced Analytics & Machine Learning

Companies today gather vast quantities of data and the demand to analyze and be a data driven organisation increases. However, the way forward is not always clear and in order to proceed with predictive analysis one need to have both the right data set and the right data quality.

We at Attollo can help you to achieve your ambition by taking an holistic approach and assist in both the data gathering and modelling. We offer the following kind of services:

  • Predictive analysis with machine learning modelling for questions regarding operations, market, and customer circles
  • Review and optimization of data collection to enable predictive modelling 
  • Data literacy and modelling support in planning and starting machine learning initiatives
  • Research and suggest how Advanced Analytics can be applied and create value in business processes


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Consultants with great industry experience

We believe in continuous improvement and our consultants are offered ongoing education and training in order to stay relevant in a constantly developing industry.

We work with agile methods and iterative deliveries, where every iteration can be utilized and create business value. We always offer solution maintenance for our deliveries with proven and successful processes and routines to ensure a robust and reliable solution.


Our partners

Our product partners have been chosen with great care and we hold the highest partner level with both Microsoft and IBM. Since 2013 we have also helped many clients in banking and finance with solutions for regulatory reporting. In order to provide the best possible solution to our clients we have partnered with InsightSoftware, the leading vendor of financial and regulatory reporting platforms.



We continually strive to be the best implementors of these tools and our goal is to have the highest skilled and certified consultants within the DW/BI/xP&A-products that these partners offer.

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